Amber Lanier Nagle
I’m a freelance writer with hundreds of nonfiction articles in my portfolio. I’ve crafted both quirky human interest articles and detailed instructional features. From snakes to vintage trains to Christmas tree farms to travel destinations to financial advice to nuclear power to selling your house quickly in a waning economy—I’ve written about nearly everything under the sun.

I am editor of Calhoun Magazine, Dalton Magazine, and Health, Mind, & Body Magazine. These glossy, bi-monthly magazines spotlight interesting people, places, and events in the Northwest Georgia region. They are published by North Georgia Newspaper Group—a locally-operated arm of Community Newspapers Holdings.

Earlier this year, I began composing a weekly column for the Vidalia Advance. The column, titled From the Porch, features articles about memories, relationships, and Southern potpourri. For example, I’ve written about chickens, boiled peanuts, bluebirds, crayons and coloring, Christmases past, stargazing, flat cornbread, etc.

I’m also the brainchild behind Project Keepsake, an uplifting collection of stories told in first-person by ordinary people about their treasured keepsakes and mementos. It was released in 2014 by Native Ink Press. For more information, visit It’s available on Amazon, other online booksellers, a few brick-and-mortar locations, and at my events. I am represented by superhero, Jeanie Loiacono, of Loiacono Literary Agency.

I am the author of two eBooks. Southern Exposure is a collection of 22 nonfiction stories inspired by my Southern upbringing. Have a Seat, is about caning chair seats using split reed.

I’m a writing coach. I teach memoir writing and freelancing workshops throughout the Southeast.

I’m a blogger. I offer posts about the writing process and the sometimes joyous, sometimes frustrating business of writing.

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Amber’s Writing Clips

I’m easy to work with. I complete my work on time and provide detailed source lists. I can also help with photographs, graphics, and permissions. Below are a few of my writing clips. Please contact me if you would like to see other writing samples.



River Rocks>Chatter

River Rocks

Barbershops>Points North

Barbershop Revival


Potent Pomegranates


The Rage Over Apps


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About Amber

I have always been drawn to books. When I was a freckled, six-year-old kid, I often crawled under the dining room table and read Dr. Seuss books to a captive audience of disheveled dolls and thread-bare stuffed animals. At some point in my childhood, my appetite for reading evolved into the desire to write. I believe writing is in my blood. I come from a long line of writers, poets, and the finest storytellers you will ever meet. For most of my life, writing was just a pastime. Then in 2006, after working for eighteen years as an engineer, I reinvented myself as a freelance writer.

In a world where almost everything is interesting to me, I specialize in works of nonfiction. My articles have appeared in GRIT, Mother Earth News, GEORGIA Magazine, Georgia Connector, Alive, Points North, American Fitness, Chatter, Sea Island Life, Loews Magazine, Weatherwise, and many others.

In the last two years, I have concentrated my efforts on one particular book project – Project Keepsake, a collection of short stories about mementos. The first volume of stories was published in 2014 by Native Ink Press. I’ve also published two eBooks.

I teach writing classes and workshops in Georgia and Tennessee. I specialize in teaching memoir writing (small projects), writing family stories, and the business of freelancing to both seasoned and aspiring writers.

I am a graduate of both Georgia Institute of Technology and Mercer University, and I am a member of the Chattanooga Writers Guild, Georgia Writers Association, Southern Writers, and Calhoun Area Writers. I write from my home in Northwest Georgia.

What else? I run, hike, bike, read, garden, spend time with family and friends, and volunteer a portion of my time and energies to serving several nonprofit organizations in my community. I love family history. I sing in the car and sometimes in the shower. My iPhone is loaded with all types of music and podcasts. My favorite book is Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird, a novel that changed my life. My favorite poet is Ralph Waldo Emerson, and my favorite poem is Each and All. Joyce Kilmer’s Trees is a close second. My favorite color is green. Like Oprah Winfrey, I, too, am happiest around trees. I collect interesting rocks and fossils. I’m a keeper of several keepsakes and mementos. I have two big, lovable dogs (Zot and Cali) and a Tom cat (Crash, because he is blind and crashes into things) that live like royalty. I love antiques. I love Dr. Pepper, and yes, I know it’s bad for me. I’m a bird watcher. I really don’t understand people who don’t respect the earth, and I don’t care for hypocrites and people who are cruel to animals, children, or the elderly. I’m one of those irritating know-it-all types, a trait I apparently inherited since everyone in my family is also a know-it-all. I love math and science and am a strong advocate for math and science literacy in today’s world. I love astronomy although my husband and I haven’t taken our big telescope out in a while. Three of my favorite sayings come from Seinfeld episodes—”Serenity now, serenity now,” “This was supposed to be the summer of George,” and “It’s another Festivus miracle!” I love my family—my mother, my stepfather, my brother, my sister, my brother-in-law, my sisters-in-law, my three nieces, my two nephews, my nephew’s wife, my nephew’s daughter, my nephew’s two sons, and my husband, Gene. I’ve been married to the same guy for 27 years, and he still makes me laugh.

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